Stinson Advising helps clients grow by combining:

+ The skills of a trained executive coach, supporting the individual client and team in growth and transformation

+ The cutting-edge human capital and talent insights and analytics of a seasoned organizational consultant

+ The structure and strategic business acumen of a former management consultant

Thanks to this unique fusion, Stinson Advising offers comprehensive programs that are deeply customized to each executive, team, and organization, generating proven results for individuals, companies, and investors.


Courageous Honesty

Confidentiality & Trust

Confidentiality & Trust

At its core, this work is about telling the truth - when it's easy, and when it's hard. As an external third party, Stinson Advising provides the straight answers and unvarnished truth.

Confidentiality & Trust

Confidentiality & Trust

Confidentiality & Trust

Both confidentiality and trust are critical to every aspect of Stinson Advising's work. Client identities will never be revealed without explicit permission, and when confidentiality is promised, it will never be violated.

Belief in Human Potential

Belief in Human Potential

Belief in Human Potential

Stinson Advising is founded on a belief in the importance of talent and in the power of individual growth and transformation.

Empathy & Compassion

Belief in Human Potential

Belief in Human Potential

Stinson Advising's offerings all start from a fundamental belief in the importance of understanding and empathy in every interaction.



Stinson Advising's work is customized to each leader, team, and organization's needs and goals. Client programs typically include components from the following categories:

Executive Coaching & 360 Feedback

Executive Coaching maximizes professional and personal success for leaders of growing companies and their teams. Stinson Advising's coaching programs are unique in that they do not benefit only the individual being coached, but also the broader team and organization. These programs are intensive, customized, and aimed at eliciting transformation, and they generally begin with a rigorous 360 feedback program, based on live in-depth interviews. Stinson Advising brings experience coaching C-level executives as well as professionals within top hedge funds and private equity firms.

Talent & Leadership Advising & Assessment

Stinson Advising helps clients build and lead high-performing teams, make human capital decisions, and inspire organizations. Specifically, clients receive support in assessing talent, scoping roles, onboarding, and developing people. Along the way, Stinson Advising helps clients implement "best in class" people leadership practices, while also serving as a confidential thought partner on topics ranging from strategy to organizational structure.

On occasion, Stinson Advising will directly develop role scorecards and conduct Executive Assessments for clients making critical C-level hires. These assessments are chronological, structured, in-depth, in-person interviews aimed at predicting executive performance and maximizing the chances of a successful fit between executive and role.

Organizational Diagnostic

Stinson Advising's "Company Coaching" programs often begin with a rigorous, in-depth diagnostic. By maintaining strict confidentiality and building trust with all participants, Stinson Advising elicits deep insights about what's working and not working on a team or in an organization. Typical topics explored include culture, communication, decision-making, strategic clarity, teamwork, talent, leadership, and structure.

Team Building & Facilitation

A collection of star individuals does not automatically become a high-performing team. Stinson Advising's customized team building sessions help make this transition happen. These interventions range from conflict resolution, to vision / mission / strategy sessions, to off-sites to "put more team in the team," overcome dysfunction, build culture, and maximize performance. Leveraging best practices and rigorous diagnostics ensures sessions are time well spent.

Training & Speaking Services

Stinson Advising provides training and speaking services on talent management, people leadership, and high-performing CEO best practices. On hiring success in particular, Stinson Advising leads regular training sessions and workshops on how to interview effectively and optimize the fit between candidate and role. Past speaking events include keynotes at VC CEO off-sites, guest lecturing at Wharton and Stanford, and leading interactive workshops and training sessions for executives, hiring managers, and PE and VC professionals.