Executive Coaching & Organizational Consulting

"Liz is an exceptional, unique executive coach who provides CEO-level coaching, leadership development, and help facilitating complex decision making. I have had the privilege of having Liz as my coach for the past two years. She possesses the strategic and business chops honed at McKinsey and Harvard Business School as well as an incredible ability to really listen and get to the underlying issues beneath the surface. I have leveraged Liz’s counsel on topics ranging from navigating Board dynamics, to building a high performing team, to refining my leadership journey, to conflict resolution with colleagues and Board members. I have been delighted with the coaching Liz has provided as I have navigated transitions and grown my company. Liz has my complete endorsement for anyone looking for an executive coach who is smart, savvy with the VC and PE community, and highly supportive." -CEO of a consumer packaged goods company

"Liz is an honest broker. She helps me see the strengths I don't see in myself, and she's also able to give the critical feedback that helps me improve. I don't think I'd be in the place I am today without her." -CEO of a tech company

"Working with Liz helped me cut through the noise and get clarity. I trusted Liz to always be a step ahead of me. It's like being in the hands of a skilled clinician: Liz takes her profession very seriously. While coaching is not a well-defined profession, Liz has found a way to build something like an evidence base - and I found that to be wonderful." -CEO of a healthcare company

"Liz is unbelievably engaging, insightful, compassionate, passionate about the work, thoughtful, and easy to talk to. It's amazing how far I feel I've come in only six months. This process has been extremely valuable for me. It has surfaced tremendous insights for me into who I am and what my strengths are." -SVP of Strategy & Business Development at a tech company

"Liz is one of those rare people who is extremely caring and inspiring but also extremely smart and capable." -Head of Operations at a healthcare company

"Liz has added a ton of value to my life. She has made me a better person - both personally and as a people leader. She's improved my effectiveness as an executive, and she's given me the tools to keep improving on my own. She made it very easy for me to be open and willing to accept feedback from my team that was sometimes very critical - she was forceful when she needed to be. She showed genuine interest in helping me be a better leader. Working with her was a great experience." -Global Head of Product at a tech company

"Through my work with Liz, I gained confidence, perspective, and a greater appreciation for who and where I am now and how far I've come. She gave me plenty of helpful tools and taught me easier ways to have difficult conversations, but what I valued most was the confidence she had in me - that I was capable and deserving of my executive role. Her biggest strengths are her intuition and ability to read not only my situation, but also the political situation around me. Also, I've never met anyone so committed to confidentiality." -COO at a healthcare company

"I partnered with Liz to guide me through a meaningful career change within my company.  The transition involved moving from leading a team of less than 10 people to one with close to 500, with a corresponding increase in responsibilities.  It wasn’t clear to me if I even wanted to make this move, and whether or not I could handle the change successfully.  Liz’s advice and support was critical, not only as I navigated these decisions, but also during my transition into the role.  I truly do not believe I would have taken this leap nor successfully transitioned without her as my professional (and emotional!) advisor. For me, Liz’s greatest value is her role as a truly trusted partner.  She was both 100% objective and 100% in my corner.  Our conversations were open and honest, founded upon complete trust.  She would often call me out on my own hesitation to make the tough decision or have the hard conversation.  But how wonderful it was to have this individual to talk through these challenges, someone who really knew me and my values and always acted as an advocate and ally. I would enthusiastically recommend Liz to anyone!" -CFO of a tech company

"I have built a wonderful relationship with Liz. She spent a lot of time getting to know me as the foundation for our coaching. Then, she ran a 360 feedback process that opened my eyes to the development areas I have, and we did a development plan exercise that gave me a roadmap to follow. Some of the most impactful elements were a role-play conversation Liz facilitated between my boss and myself, and the open & honest dialogue with someone I could trust 110% to listen and provide honest and helpful feedback." -Head of Product and Engineering at a tech company

Team Building, Facilitation, Training, & Speaking Services

"The session Liz facilitated for my team, as part of my coaching program, was highly impactful. The team and I had never experienced anything like that before, and I was so thankful that it was Liz there to facilitate. Her being there gave me a ton of strength." -CFO of a tech company

"Liz is captivating, interesting, and very intelligent. Her experience translates to interviewing effectively across industries. I learned a ton from her!" -CMO of a healthcare company

"Liz really knows her stuff and that was clear in the session she led for us. The example of how she opens the interview was great to hear, as well as seeing her conduct the demo interview. She was engaging and provided a lot we could immediately take away." -CEO of a tech company

"Liz was very engaging, funny, and did a fantastic job explaining the content and walking us through how to run effective interviews ourselves. That training was awesome!" -Chief People Officer at a tech company

"That was the most informative & beneficial manager training I have had. Definitely a lot to learn. Great session!" -Head of Engineering at a tech company

"That was literally the best training I've ever had. I know this because I'm retaining many of the key points and actually applying them." -Product Manager at a tech company